Notified Body Interoperability (NoBo)

Arsenal Race is your partner for interoperability. We can offer long-time experience and extensive know-how for all subsystems and interoperability constituents for all TSI (Technical Specifications of Interoperability) according to the following modules:

  • EC assessments for all subsystems according to modules SB, SD, SF, SG, SH1
  • EC conformity or suitability assessments for interoperability constituents according to modules CA1, CA2, CB, CD, CF, CH, CH1, CV

We issue the following certificates upon positive assessment:

  • EC Certificate of the type
  • EC Design Examination Certificate
  • Quality Management System Approval
  • EC Certificate of Conformity
  • EC Certificate of Verification
  • EC Certificate of Suitability For Use

Of course we also issue intermediate statements of verifications and are happy to advise with our expertise.

Already in the year 2000 our team was the first in Austria to get the status Notified Body (still under company name arsenal research). Since the beginning, we have contributed to the harmonization of the European railway system. We have been able to keep this knowledge advantage to this day and even expand - therefore Arsenal Race is the only Austrian Notified Body offering One-Stop-Shop services for all areas.

Due to our activities in all subsystems of NB-Rail we can ensure being up to date and will pass on this information advantage to you.

We are looking forward to your inquiries!