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Our company is still looking for high-potentials. Here could be your name, please apply for the marked positions:

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DI Christoph Handel, MBAManaging director, Head of Notified Body
Ing. Norbert Sustr, MScQuality Management (Cooperation)
Veronika Handel, MSc, MBACommunications, HR & Accounting
Elke RichterOffice Management
Veronika WeissenbacherOffice Management

Infrastructure & Energy 
DI Dr. Andreas Kainz 
DI Christian BauerInfrastructure
Ing. Bernhard FischerEnergy
DI Lisa LiebertInfrastructure
DI Dr. Lukas KirchmaierInfrastructure

Rolling stock 
DI Gert Pascoli, MSc 
DI Michael Neuhäuser, MScRolling stock
DI Maximilian DieglesRolling stock
DI Paul ZajicRolling stock and railway operation (Cooperation)
DI Dr. Leopold StammlerTSI Noise (Cooperation)
DI Nils GönnerTSI RST (Cooperation)

Control, command and signaling 
DI Gerhard List 
DI Martin Eggenhofer 
DI (FH) Marcus Ségur-Cabanac 

Signal and safety systems 
DI Kurt Preisinger 
DI Mag. Dr. Bernhard Pemmer 
DI Thomas Schürer-Waldheim 

Picture from left to right: Gerhard List, Martin Eggenhofer, Marcus Ségur-Cabanac,
Bernhard Pemmer, Andreas Kainz, Kurt Preisinger, Lisa Liebert, Gert Pascoli, Lukas Kirchmaier,
Christian Bauer, Thomas Schürer-Waldheim
Seated: Bernhard Fischer, Veronika Handel, Christoph Handel, Veronika Weissenbacher, Elke Richter

© Veronika Handel