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Accredited inspection body according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 and certification body for products according to EN ISO/IEC 17065

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Arsenal Race is performing as independent, impartial and highly integer inspection and certification body. Impartiality, high expertise, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality and continual focus on our performance are not just keywords, they are lived values.

  • The inspection and certification body will not be influenced by external people or organizations and will always make its decisions based on objective proof of conformity or non-conformity. Inspections and assessments will always be performed under the above mentioned basic principles.
  • The inspection and certification body will only work with customers not related to the company.
  • The inspection and certification body and its team members responsible for inspections and audits are not constructors, manufacturers, distributors, buyers, owners, users or maintenance staff of the inspected companies.
  • The inspection and certification body and its team members are not involved in business which would undermine their independency and integrity during inspections and audits. Further they are not directly involved in the consultancy of inspected companies.
  • We do not offer our customers internal audits or consultancy. Our services are open to all interested parties however not to other certification offices for their certification work. The certification office does not offer its service if the relationship between the consultant and the certification office is violating the impartiality.
  • The head of the certification office is obliged to highest impartiality with regards to its services.
  • The certification office herewith acknowledges the importance of impartiality assessments, handles conflicts of interest and ensures objectivity during certifications.
  • The impartiality will be proofed once a year by the committee for safeguarding impartiality which will take action if necessary.

Guideline 2008/57 about interoperability of railway systems in the Union describes the accreditation scope for the certification office. We do EC-verification for subsystems and constituents in the conventional trans-European railway system as well as in the trans-European high-speed railway system for procedures D, SD and H2.

To find out more about our accreditation scope, please don't hesitate to contact us.