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According to directive 2008/57/EG the manufacturer or its authorized representative requests an EC-verification at a Notified Body of its choice. The general process of the EC-verification is described as follows:


The table below shows all possible assessment procedures carried out by Arsenal Railway Certification Gmbh.

 Verification procedures
 Subsystems Components
INFx---x xxxxxxx
INF-PRMxxx-x xxxxxxx
INF-SRTx---x -
ENEx---x xx--xx-
CCSxxxxx -xxx-x-
RST-xxxx xxxxxxx
RST-PRM-xxxx xxxxxxx
RST-SRT-xxxx -
WAG-xxxx xxxxxxx
NOI-xxxx -

x applicable assessment procedure
- non-applicable assessment procedure- non-applicable assessment procedure
* documents only available in german

According to the directive and the following TSIs the assessment procedure has to be chosen by the manufacturer or its authorized representative. In practice this is arranged between the Notified Body and the manufacturer who will chose the assessment procedure together. The following assessments are carried out:

  • Applicability of assessment procedure according to TSI
  • Applicability with the Notified Body Arsenal Railway Certification Gmbh
  • Reasonability due to framework (production method, production place, number of components or subsystems, existing experiences etc.)

Detailed procedure and task descriptions of the Notified Body and the manufacturer are provided in the documents of the related assessment procedure.

Download documents: (only in german)

Module SGModule SBModule SDModule SF
Module SH1/SH2Module A1/CA1/CA2Module B/CBModule D/CD
Module F/CFModule CH/H1Module CH1/H2Module V/CV