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The Interoperability Directive 2008/57/EC gives in article 28 (5) the legal mandate for a coordination group of notified bodies for Interoperability, i.e. NB Rail, and the obligation of NoBos to participate in its work. NB Rail discusses any matter relating to the application of the procedures for assessing conformity or suitability for the use referred of an interoperability constituent and the verification procedure of a subsystem, or to the application of the relevant TSIs. Moreover, recitative number 46 of the Interoperability Directive states: “The notified bodies responsible for examining the procedures for conformity assessment and suitability for the use of constituents, together with the procedure for the assessment of subsystems must, in particular in the absence of any European specification, coordinate their decisions as closely as possible”.

Therefore, the Interoperability notified bodies have a legal obligation to take part in coordination activities organised by the Commission, in this case NB Rail activities. If a notified body refuses to cooperate with NB Rail, the notification may be withdrawn. As a result of this legal obligation of NoBos to coordinate their decisions through NB Rail, notified bodies are also obliged to keep themselves informed of, and to apply the decisions, agreements and documents produced by NB Rail, such as adopted RFUs and answered Questions and Clarifications.

You can find all relevant documents of NB-Rail on our webpage or alternatively on www.nb-rail.eu.

The official documents are also on CIRCABC and can be accessed following this procedure: There is the following way to access “Public Documents”:

  • Click: "Browse categories" on the left side
  • Click: “NB-Net - Notified Bodies Network” from the list (Interinstitutional projects)
  • Click: "NB-Rail"
  • Click: “Library” on the left side (the system may require to click twice on Library before the folder Public Documents appears)
  • Click: "Public Documents"