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Question & Clarification

A Question & Clarification (Q&C) is a document for INTERNAL USE within NB Rail used to record questions, issues or concerns and the agreed answers on matters that cannot be dealt with internally from within NB Rail i.e. that requires action, approval or input from external bodies.

Q&Cs begin at the examination stage when the issue raised or the proposed answer is under discussion and / or being drawn up. The Q&C is then submitted to the appropriate external body for response. This response is recorded on the Q&C and posted for future use. A Q&C may be turned into an Recommendation For Use (RFU) if appropriate.

Answered Questions & Clarifications
QC 0038-01 Certification of Subsystems
QC 0038-02 Open Issues & reserved items
QC 0893-02 Dealing with errors and omissions in current TSIs
QC 0893-03 Assessment against New and Revised TSIs
QC 0893-07 Definition of established, novel and innovative
QC 0893-08 Using Modules for IC according the INS TSI
QC 0893-09 Regulations for Bridges
QC 1010-01 Definition of the Term Long Tunnel
QC 1010-02 Definition of the Phases for the Verification
QC 1124-02 Installed Power
QC 1127-03 Requirements against Chapter 4 and 5
QC 1127-04 Requirements called up by Euronorms
QC 1127-05 Essential Requirements
QC 1127-06 New and Conventional Definitions
QC-CCS-001 Crash Protection ERTMS On-Board Recorder
QC-CCS-002 Subset-093 ver 230
QC-CCS-003 Subset-085 ver 212
QC-ENE-001 Regenerative Braking
QC-ENE-003 Simulation Tools
QC-ENE-004 Mean contact force
QC-ENE-006 Issue 01 Requirements on cables in tunnels
QC-INS-001 Slab Track
QC-INF-008 Colour of signs
QC-INF-009 Issue 01 Fire protection of structures
QC-INF-011 Issue 01 Platform height
QC-INF-012 Issue 01 Requirements for platforms
QC-INF-013 Issue 01 Requirement for stairs
QC-INF-014 Issue 01 Chapter existing solutions missing
QC-INF-015 Issue 01 ICs in TSI PRM (Subsystem Infrastructure)
QC-RST-002 Pass-by-Noise Measurement Reference Track
QC-RST-003 Draw Gear Errors
QC-RST-005 Assessment of Pantograph IC
QC-RST-006 TSI WAG Module H1
QC-RST-008 Noise Test Train Configuration
QC-RST-012 Issue 01 Buffers
QC-RST-013 Issue 01 Disc brake
QC-RST-014 Issue 01 Passenger Alarm
QC-RST-015 Issue 01 Interoperability Constituents – assessment on subsystem level.doc
QC-RST-018 Issue 01 Colourmetric requirements of ICS-Head lights and marker lights
QC-STR-004 EC Declaration Intermediate Subsystem Conformity
QC-STR-005 Discrepancies between different TSI language versions