"NB-Rail" was founded to link up all European notified bodies. Christoph Handel and therefore Arsenal Race is chairman of both the NB-Rail Coordination Group as well as NB-Rail Association and is playing a leading role in harmonizing the European railway system.


According to the interoperability directive NB-Rail Coordination Group is a platform to ensure uniform interpretation and application of applicable legislation and standards to generate a European-wide, harmonized standard. Participation in the NB-Rail Coordination Group is obligatory for all notified bodies.

All notified bodies shall keep themselves updated on decisions, agreements and published documents and shall follow adopted Recommendations for Use (RFU).

Additionally in 2015 the association "NB-Rail AISBL" was founded which is headed by Christoph Handel since then. "NB-Rail Association AISBL" is an international non-profit organization and recognized as official european representative of notified bodies.

Association members and main topics as well as all relevant documents can be found on www.nb-rail.eu.

All official documents of NB-Rail Coordination Group are also available through CIRCABC / public documents: