Team & jobs

We are recruiting: Assessor electrical engineering Assessor railway infrastructure
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DI Christoph Handel, MBA Managing director, Head of notified body
Veronika Handel, MSc, MBA Communication, HR & Accounting
Ing. Norbert Sustr, MSc Quality Management (Cooperation)
Elke Richter Office Management
Claudia Slowak Office Management
Iwona Czorniak Cleaning

Infrastructure & Energy
DI Dr. Andreas Kainz Head of Infrastructure & Energy
DI Christian Bauer Infrastructure
DI Lisa Liebert Infrastructure
Ing. Bernhard Fischer, BSc Energy
DI Dr. Lukas Kirchmaier Infrastructure
Peter Horvath, BSc Infrastructure

Rolling stock
DI Gert Pascoli, MSc Head of Rolling stock
DI Maximilian Diegles Rolling stock
DI Michael Neuhäuser, MSc Rolling stock
Dr. Thomas Dreßler TSI RST (Cooperation)
DI Nils Gönner TSI RST (Cooperation)
DI Dr. Wolfgang Krach TSI RST (Cooperation)
DI Christian Madritsch TSI RST (Cooperation)
DI Dr. Paul Mittermayr TSI RST (Cooperation)
DI Dr. Leopold Stammler TSI Noise (Cooperation)
DI Paul Zajic Rolling stock & railway operation (Cooperation)

Control-command & signalling
DI (FH) Marcus Ségur-Cabanac Control-command & signalling
DI Martin Eggenhofer Control-command & signalling
Ing. Ernes Bajric, BSc Control-command & signalling

Signal & safety systems
DI Kurt Preisinger Head of Signal & safety systems
DI Mag. Dr. Bernhard Pemmer Signal & safety systems
DI Thomas Schürer-Waldheim Signal & safety systems
Ferdinand Reither, BSc Signal & safety systems